a theatre of masks…

The Second Voyage will take place in London between September 9 and December 13, 2019 for fourteen weeks.

All the topics in the Second Voyage can be taken separately.

Parallel to the Second Voyage, Embodied Poetics offers a Pedagogic Training to those who already have significant pedagogic experience.

the geodramatic territories of the second voyage

1 9/9/19 – 20/9/19 (2 weeks) Theatres of Gesture: Pantomime and Gestural Expressionism

Grounding our work in the tradition of Pantomime Blanche, we will apply these skills in gestural language and image-making to new material. Both dramatic and comedic outcomes may result from this territory of creation as we generate miniaturised versions of big spaces, and gestural grandeur from intimate dramas.

2 23/9/19 - 4/10/19 (2 weeks) Epic Storytelling: Constructing and Deconstructing Narratives

Epic theatre evokes big spaces, long distances, chronological sweeps and grand narratives, carried forward by a musical score. While exploring the construction of this popular and versatile dramatic form, we will also engage in a practical deconstruction of linear and predictable melodramatic formula.

3 7/10/19 - 18/10/19 (2 weeks) Theatres of Assembly: The Tragic Chorus, Flocks and Mobs

Theatres in which the group holds the text, the image, the movement, and the drama will be explored. This territory of creation, often associated with the tragic space, finds new iterations in flash mobs, guerrilla theatre and happenings. We will explore multiple reference points, both practically and theoretically.

4 21/10/19 - 1/11/19 (2 weeks) The Bouffon Part 1: Mystery and Prophecy

Through transforming the body with a full-body mask, the performer-creator gains access to the mysterious forces of the tragic struggle, expressing them with pleasure and without opposition, and revealing the mysterious darkness hidden behind the pretences of light. The Bouffon and its tribe both embody and transcend drama. We will explore this territory with an eye to discovering its fresh potential for generating post-dramatic forms.

5 4/11/19 - 15/11/19 (2 weeks) The Bouffon Part 2: Social Grotesque and Theatres of Excess

When truth is outstripped by untruth, the hyperboles of fiction are an antidote. Social grotesque mocks the powerful and the perverse, exaggerating the distorted logic of the “real” world and revealing the surreal. Grand Guignol transforms the horrors of reality into poetic terror. A trenchant response to the world, this form of theatrical writing ranges from the satirical to the apocalyptic.

6 18/11/19 - 29/11/19 (2 weeks) Modern Commedia: Half-masked Comedy and Cartoon Worlds

The masks, techniques, skills, narrative and comedic construction of Commedia dell’Arte will be explored in order to reinvent a modern version. We will also use cartoons as narrative and stylistic reference points for modern masked comedic theatre.

7 2/12/19 - 13/12/19 (2 weeks) Comic Worlds:

First Week: The Clown - Red Nose, White Clown, Black Nose

The naïf, the sadist, the poser: these three clown stances are equally innocent, equally vulnerable, and equally intimate encounters with the audience. By reveling in our clown-downfall, we liberate a profound state of play and creativity. In this intensive we will focus on the clown state rather than the clown number, with an eye to discovering what theatres may arise from this powerfully personal territory.

Second Week: Comic Varieties - Absurd, Surreal, Outrageous

With provocations from every comic direction, this most eccentric territory of theatrical creation is also the most exploratory, constantly throwing us off balance. Tried and true comic structures will be referenced, while understanding that a rulebook is just another form of banana peel: a classic way to slip up.