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Expert practitioners of Embodied Poetics, an intensive physical theatre pedagogy based on the pedagogy of Lecoq/Copeau/Bing, are excited to welcome you to the second of two pedagogic voyages! Beginning in London in September of 2019, this intensive physical theatre training will provide the performer-creator with skills, tools and a technical language, as well as experience and orientation within a universe of devised physical theatre. Our two voyages, one year after the other, introduce performers first to physical imagination - to the performer's ability to create theatre from physical inspirations - and then to big theatrical "territories" - classic styles that serve as reference points for further invention and creation.

“There are three masks: the one we think we are, the one we really are, and the one we have in common.
— Jacques Lecoq

This enigmatic statement by Lecoq can be tested through the experience of performing: 

- When does our idea of what we are performing not cohere with the actual performance? This is always a disappointing experience and can be painful, but there's no learning without this. This is creative failure.

- When does the audience respond to our performance, proving that the mask and the performance cohere? These are moments to celebrate. We feel like we've come home to ourselves.

- When does the performance touch on an even deeper coherence, uniting performer and audience in a shared experience? These are powerful moments for both performer and audience - moments of mutual generosity and recognition. These moments perhaps give us the "why" of theatre... when we find ourselves in others...

These three masks accompany us on our journey...