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Expert practitioners of Embodied Poetics, an intensive physical theatre pedagogy based on the Lecoq Pedagogy, are excited to welcome you to the first of two voyages! Beginning in London in September of 2018, this intensive physical theatre training will provide the performer-creator with skills, tools and a technical language, as well as experience and orientation within a universe of devised physical theatre. Two voyages will introduce performers first to physical imagination - to the performer's ability to create theatre from physical inspirations - and then to big theatrical "territories" - classic styles that serve as reference points for further invention and creation.

Devising - creating theatre from scratch - will be the wind in our sails!

In class and in weekly group devising experiments, participants will discover their own creative resources as well as the tremendous creative resources of an ensemble. 

The Second Voyage, to be launched in 2019, will introduce performer-creators to stylistic territories - such as pantomime and the theatre of gesture, half-masked comedy, the tragic chorus, bouffons of mockery and mystery and the clown. These are well-tested pathways of theatrical creation and as such can lead both to new inventions of old styles and to further territories far beyond - the theatre of the future.

The language of instruction is English, however the guides of Embodied Poetics are international and we welcome participants from all over the world. In coming together for this journey, we will discover more than the sum of our individual participation. This is the fundamental inspiration of Embodied Poetics: to discover together who we are as individuals and what we have in common, then to allow this discovery to lead to new forms of expression. These are the new theatres that performer-creators will discover as they continue on their own ongoing journey…

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