“Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.
— William Wordsworth

The First Voyage begins with Nature. Wordsworth’s confident statement inspires Nature Poets. Through close observation of phenomena as well as passionate identification with what we perceive, the First Voyage of Embodied Poetics is a journey towards life and its movements big and small. We imitate what we love. Mimesis becomes a way of understanding rather than a style of movement. In the First Voyage, we don't focus on form, but on feeling: the reactions and images that arise from our experience of the world.

Movement analysis, physical improvisation and group devising are the mainstay of the curriculum. We use masks of different varieties: the neutral mask, big "larval" cartoonish masks as well as fine, expressive masks, abstract masks that are dynamic shapes, "found" masks - objects that surprisingly turn into masks. We begin to consider many things as “masks”, such as poetic texts, and most importantly, we explore the "mask" created by the body moving in relationship to the space.